Men’s Resources International partner with DOVENET


In November 2006, staff members from Men’s Resources International (MRI) travelled to Ebonyi State in Nigeria to provide 10 days of training and consultations for the development of the Ebonyi Men’s Resource Center.
The visit was hosted by DOVENET, a woman’s safety and empowerment organisation. During the visit, MRI conducted a three-day training on “Engaging Men in Eliminating GBV”, which was attended by 36 men and
women from Nigeria, as well as delegates from the newly formed Zambia Men’s Network and the Rwanda Men’s Centre. As a result of this international partnership between MRI, a U.S. men’s organisation and DOVENET, a Nigerian women’s organisation, two new grassroots NGOs have formed with both women and men working in partnership for the prevention of gender-based violence and the promotion of “positive masculinity.”

Nigeria Men’s Pledge

We, men of Nigeria, are publicly stating our commitment to ending violence against women. We understand the pain of women and men, and the costs to society, caused by this violence. For the health of our families and the future of our communities, we pledge to challenge genderbased violence in its many forms, and to support women’s safety and empowerment.  Together with women, we will advocate for legal protections, victim services, educational programs for violence prevention and gender equality. We will be role models of positive masculinity for our children in our words and actions. And we will invite other men of Nigeria to join us in signing this pledge.

Nigerian Women’s Pledge

We, women of Nigeria, call upon our fathers, brothers, husbands and sons to join us in ending gender-based violence in our families and communities. We understand the pain of women and men, and the costs to society, caused
by this violence. We support men in their own journey of healing from violence, and welcome men as partners in creating healthy families and


During the 2005 UN Commission on the Status of Women conference, Men’s Resources International executive director, Dr. Steven Botkin, was a presenter at the Institute on Engaging Men and Boys. One of the conference delegates who attended his presentation was Ugo Nnachi of Nigeria,  founder and director of Daughters of Virtue and Empowerment Initiative (DOVENET), and one of the few women chiefs in her state (Ebonyi). After returning to Nigeria, Chief Nnachi wrote to Steven:

“The role of men in eliminating violence against women has often been neglected and I must confess that Men’s Resources International has offered us a deeper insight into how men can intervene and partner with women in eliminating violence in our families and society. As an organisation already working in the area of Women and Human Rights, we have identified men allies who are willing to join the crusade but who need to be trained in skills to carry the process forward.”